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Have you ever admired a friend or coworker’s  amazing skin?  You most likely wanted to ask what they are doing to maintain such gorgeous healthy glowing skin.  It’s easy to go hard on our skin, but truthfully if we step back a bit and realize that there are many factors which go into our skin composition, we will realize that with daily care, we can have incredibly soft glowing skin too.  Chances are your skin is amazing too and to maintain your gorgeous glow will require using less commercial products.  Chemicals are absorbed into our skin quickly as the largest organ for our bodies.

What are the factors that accelerate aging skin?   This is the question I research frequently to help with our skincare knowledge of products.

For Starters…we were all born with our parents DNA, whatever we may feel about that…

Diet is the next item up to bat.. are we eating a diet rich in anti-oxidants and vegetables?  Oxidation is a real pre-ager for us…anything we can do to forstall and eliminate via Anti-Oxidants is great! 

Our lives are complex…we battle stress, environmental toxins,  sleep, sugar, smoking, alcohol, sun exposure.  I do not want to think of more challenges!!!!

Sun Exposure is a top prematiure aging cause.  Simply wearing a hat and sunscreen can take care of this issue..but again we need to have the sunscreen, SPF 30+ ready to go next to our morning toothbrush. Rehydrating our skin with moisturizing lotions and soap is an excellent combative.

Environmental Toxins…the exhaust from the Truck passing by, the smog from traffic, the pollen out seasonally, washing off the old skin cells that hold the toxins from the air…this would be a nightly regeim for us with a soft exfoliant soap and a nightly eye and skin cream or butter.

Smoke– leading cause of wrinkles and dehydration for our skin…enough know to just STOP.

Sleep Depervation – it is difficult to get that “amazing”nights sleep when we have growing families, business concerns, financial concerns, and then theres the Flu Season upon us… A few drops of Lavender Essential Oil  on your temples and a few sprays of Lavender Linen Spray will calm and sooth your nerves.

Stress– our Cortizol is cranked up, and we are anxious and worried…not all the time mind you, just enough to keep us on edge. Having a warm bath with our spa Bathbombs is an excellent detox and relaxant.   

Given the Above…our skin will respond beautifully with the right care and nutrients…we are strong and our skin is a testament to our lives.

So what is in the commercial that is not a winning combination? 

Harmful Commercial Soap Ingredients

  • Parabens: otherwise known as chemical preservatives, these harmful ingredients are found in majority of commercial soap and beauty products.
  • Phthalates: known to cause cancer, this additive is often used as a ‘plasticizer’- a fancy word for an ingredient used to produce plastic.
  • Petrochemicals: made from petroleum, these chemicals should be considered unsafe for humans because little is known about the longterm effects they have on our health

Given that our detox mentioned above begins with our skin, we need to only put healthy and natural ingredients on the skin and consume lots of fresh water. 

Healthy Natural Soap Ingredients

  • Healthy Oils:  oil is actually a key  ingredient in soap, especially if you have oily or acne prone skin. Added oils like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter will help to nourish and moisturize skin and bring it back to its natural PH levels, delivering anti oxidants and vitamins, minerals to our skin.
  • Honey, Aloe, Oatmeal, Orange Peel, Silk are a few of the botanical additives: natural soaps are made with organic, biodegradable ingredients that are harvested or sourced in a safe clean methods . Using locally sourced ingredients such as Bee Pollen, Rosemary, Matcha Tea, Ginger, clove, sage, St. Johns Wort, Paprika, Alkanet Root, Chamomile are a few of the herbs being infused into the oils or used for colorants and cleansing properties.

When artisan handcrafted soap is created, the bi product of Lye + Oils are a new chemical composition called soap. Glycerin is the bi product of saponification, remaining when all the oil is not converted to soap.  It is a natural skin emollient (skin softener) that attracts water from the surrounding air. Because of this, glycerin is highly prized in soaps, lotions and creams for maintaining moisture in the skin throughout the day.

Determining the moisturizing level of the skincare and soap is called “Superfatting”. Too much glycerin and the soap will become mushy and disintegrate quickly. Too little glycerin and the soap becomes very harsh and drying to the skin. Commerical soaps have the glycerin stripped and removed, leaving a dry soap with chemical additives to give a lather and moisture.  Chemical additives are in the finished bar to give the effect of “moisturizing”

Natural Soap is generally created locally

  • Locally Produced: natural soaps are often locally created with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Smaller artisan soap companies benefit in the  communities financially and they also have a very minimal carbon footprint.
  • Hand-Crafted:  natural soaps are sought after as the ingredients are much more pure and they can be produced on a smaller scale and are not on a shelf as long.  Meeting the formulator is a great way to make connections and form a relationship to understand the ingredients.
  • Made with Care: most artisan soap-makers use more skill and care in crafting their skicare.  The bottom line is not just the income, but the passion of delivering a quality healthy product and helping the environment.  The smaller production indicates that detail and perfection of a product is paramount for the customer.

Commerical  store-bought soaps have had all of the glycerin removed  for a secondary bi-product of lotions and creams.

Removing the glycerin, store-bought soap takes on a skin-moisture-stripping quality that will dry the skin and leave it vulnerable to cracking and flaking. 

Having natual soaps to use for your bathing and cleansing is a luxury, but one we cannot afford to overlook with all the healthful benefits and the additional moisturizing effects. 

Try a bar of Terra Stone Organics Artisan Soaps and Body Butter, share with a friend and invite your skin to glow and shine with health. 

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Terra Stone Organics, LLC


As an avid organic gardener, I have incorporated my botanicals into a unique and rejuvenating skincare line for skin moisturizing and skin renewal. As gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts know, our skin is sun soaked and seeks rejuvenation. I am an artist and an Interior Decorator by profession and have loved the journey of formulating the soaps and blogging Organic Gardening . I am the moderator of a Garden Group in Fredericksburg with so many wonderful gardeners. I love to hear your feedback!

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