Health Benefits of Lavender

Health Benefits of Lavender

Numerous Benefits of Lavender  The health benefits of lavender essential oil include its ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems. The Latin name of lavender is Lavare, which means “to wash”, due to […]



Our January Fredericksburg Gardeners Meeting was all about MICROGREENS. We met at the Presbyterian Church downtown and had a great show of interest. 14 gardeners discussed the value of these little plants and DIY possibilities. All of the gardeners were excited to add nutritional value […]

Benefits of Radish

Benefits of Radish

The Mighty Radish Plant

Benefits of this Amazing Little Red Root Plant

One of our most popular Microgreen Plants is the Radish.  Traditionally the duo of Radish and Peas are the beginning of a spring garden, followed by lettuce.  Growing up in New Jersey, the Garden State, St. Patty’s Day was the first day of garden…truly something to be thankful for after long winters on the Jersey Shore.

Radish has a unique pungent flavor but can be tamed with a small sprinkle of salt and used as a mix in salads and recipes.  The leaves are generally composted for gardeners, but an amazing development has occured, and this is MICROGREENS.

Delicious Dependable Radish

Radish is one of the top sellers and most flavorful of the Greens.  This is a dependable grower and consistent green for garnishes and in smoothies.  We believe so strongly in the healing powers of RADISH, we use it daily and even give this to our family dog in his bowl for his daily greens.



So what are the benefits of Radish?

  • Cleanses the Stomach – Detoxifying
  • Treats Jaundice by removing Bilirubin and purifying the blood
  • Helps control Blood Pressure
  • Helps repair damaged Red Blood Cells by increasing oxygen to the blood supply
  • High on Fiber
  • Regenerates  bile production to safeguard Liver and Gallbladder
  • Reduces Water Retention
  • Guards the heart
  • High in Vitamin C, Flavonids and Folic Acid

Experiencing a Microgreen Radish is Right There…your first bite, sample is right at the end of your palatte, it is a rush of flavor and you know immediately you have just stepped into an early spring garden.  Considering all the health benefits listed, What’s Not To Love About The Radish?

Reasonable vegetable with a full pack of flavor

Contact us for a Sample of our Radish!



Terra Stone Organics

Microgreen Farm in Fredericksburg, Va


Shea Butter – the amazing ingredient

Shea Butter – the amazing ingredient

Shea Butter is one of the most amazing natural healers we have on this planet! Hands down the benefits are an incredible gift to our skin and health. Shea Butter is extracted from the Shea Nut of the Karite Tree and is used both internally […]

Benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap

Benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap

Terra Stone Organics offers Goats Milk Soap & Skincare. A solution for sensitive skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne & Sunburn Skin. Goatmilk has a lower pH and is closer to our skin’s pH level than commercial soaps. The acidity of our skin is […]

Benefits of Lavender for Skincare

Benefits of Lavender for Skincare

The Benefits of Lavender for Skincare

Undoubtly, the most important health benefits of lavender is its ability to relieve stress, promote peaceful sleep, lower skin irritation, reduce inflammation, lower skin irritations and remove dandruff.

Not only does it have an incredible earthy scent, one that puts you immediately into a state of calm, but it is quite possibly the number one choice for Artisan Soap base. 

Did you know you can have it in tea and biscuits as well?

Lets explore this versatile  herb plant. 

What is Lavender?

This plant is from the mint family, with the most common plant called Lavandula Angustifolia, which is the color that lavender is named after.  this is an ergo friendly plant as this requires little water once established.

The usage is wide spreading

  • fragrance

Calming and attractive

  • culinary

Honey, tea, bread, butter, ice cream, salads

  • medicinal

The antioxidant components in it can impact the endocrine system to lower the levels of stress hormones in the body. Anti-Fungal, anti-inflammation.

  • landscape

egrofriendly – open landscape- blues and purple gardens- pollinators

Health Benefits of Lavender

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Relieving stress can be achieved with Lavender from rubbing the oil on your temples or drinking a cup of lavender tea.  the natural organic compounds in the leaves and flowers release an oil which impacts the endocrine system to lower the stress levels in our bodies.  If you are feeling anxious, drop a few drops into a warm bath, breath the amazing scent while the oils act as an anti fungal treatment for any skin ailments as well as an anti-inflammatory treatment.  Lavender is also an antioxidant. 

Sleep Concerns

Insomnia or restless sleep patterns can have a negative impact on your life and outlook as well as productivity.   Brew a cup of lavender tea with the buds in hot water and honey, this is quite reliable to cure sleeplessness.  This is also used in meditation. 

“The scent of lavender increases alpha waves in the area of the brain responsible for relaxation,” explains Alan Hirsch, M.D., neurological director for the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago.

Luxury Lavender Raspberry Silk Soap

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Skin Care

Eczema, psoriasis, dry skin & skin irritations are all benefited from lavender. A fast way to help relieve these symptoms during the day is to spray with a small spray bottle a mist of this on your skin irritations throughout the day.

Lavender Soap is a very popular soap to use for skin care and treatment.  Lavender is excellent in shampoos and body bars soap.  Lavender is excellent mixed with other botanicals and can be used effectively with Children and pets.  Lavender is an excellent base scent and added notes to enhance the properties.  For Shampoo, lavender is great for hair-loss and dandruff.  Adding lavender tea to your scalp will stimulate your hair follicles.

“It contains powerful antioxidants that will prevent and counteract the irritating effects of pollutants on the skin,” explains Claude Saliou, Ph.D., director of research and development for Johnson & Johnson. “Plus, studies have shown that elevated stress results in rough skin, so lavender can improve skin by acting as a mentally calming agent.”

Steam Cleansing:
Place your face over a bowl of freshly boiled water with a few drops of essential oil added. Drape a towel over your head to trap the steam which acts as a carrier carrying the benefits of the oil to your pores.
Do this skin treatment about once a week for 5 minutes at a time. Finish with a splash or two of cool water. Your skin will be glowing!


Terra Stone Organics Lavender Soap and Skincare

Terra Stone Organics bases many of our products with Lavender as a high percentage of the ingredients.  We believe in Lavender’s healing properties and beautiful visage.  We have been strong proponents of lavender and its positive effects since before we can remember.  This is an easy plant to grow and gives back so much in buds and beauty. Plant a few today!

Visit our Lavender Line of Soaps and Skincare

Order your Lavender Soaps today!

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What Causes our Skin to Age?

What Causes our Skin to Age?

  What causes our skin to age?   One is heredity and the second is environmental.  Both which we have to work hard at not accelerating.  You can see gorgeous skin on all ages…its not just for the young.   My mother and Grandmother have gorgeous skin, […]

Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

BENEFITS of Olive oil soap has been considered to be widely used from centuries old history to present day, no doubt for it’s excellent skincare qualities:

  •     Relieving dry skin
    •     Helps reduce scars and dark spots
    •     Helps minimize wrinkles
    •     Easily removes eye makeup
    •     Helps prevent common skin disease such as psoriasis,  eczema,acne
    •     Treats skin rashes
Benefits of Olive Oil Soap
Pumpkin Power with Olive and Coconut Oil Soap- skin repair soap

Olive oil soap is considered to be one of the best remedies for dry skin as it
helps to exfoliate dead cells and flaky skin. Its moisturizing properties
help to soften the skin texture, leaving you with beautiful glowing skin.

Another great advantage to Benefits of Using Olive Oil Soap  is that it appears to help in reducing scars and  aging dark spots. Regular use of olive oil soap appears help you reduce older stretch marks, aging spots, dry patches on skin and scars.  Diet and Exercise are key players in a healthy Trio of habits. 

Benefits of Olive Oil
Olive Oil is 33% of our Soaps Ingredients creating a long lasting Soap

Olive oil used in soapmaking with Terra Stone Organics handcrafted soap,  can be very effective in assisting in minimizing the symptoms of wrinkles as it penetrates deep into the skin leaving the skin looking healthier and firmer due to the properties of the oil of the olive and the other ingredients with the soap.  Much is known about the benefits of olive oil and this Ancient soap has been around for  centuries…cleansing  beautiful skin for those who use it.

 A Recent research has found out that olive oil contains certain natural properties, oleocanthal, which is known to be a great anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agent.

For those who want to depart from using Baby Oil in  removing their eye makeup easily or spend a huge amount of money on expensive eye makeup removal creams and lotions can now be tension free, as olive oil soap is considered to be very effective in helping you remove your eye makeup with ease.  Olive Oil dipped in a cotton ball and applied to the day’s makeup is a great remover.

Skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema can be treated by regular use of Olive Oil and in combination with coconut oil is a highly moisturizing and soothing combination for skin irritations and sensitive skin.

Benefits of Olive Oil
Gorgeous Looking Skin starts with All Natural Products applied daily & Natural Soaps

Olive oil soap helps in reduction of cell deterioration of the skin. Olive oil soap is a great remedy for those suffering from acne problems as it doesn’t clog your pores unlike other skin moisturizers. Olive oil soap has also proven to treat skin rashes. It can also be used to reduce the side effects from sun burns.


Olive oil consists of vitamin E, which acts as a great antioxidant.

Unlike commercial soaps, you can be sure that after using olive oil soap you would not experience dry itchy skin. The best part is that olive oil soap is completely natural and will not harm the skin texture in any way

Take a moment to visit our  our Facebook Page and see the various soaps created with Olive Oil, you will see that all our soap bases are created with 2 or all of the oil of:  Olive, Coconut, Castor and Sunflower oils, Rice Bran, Palm  as ingredients. All natural and 100% vegan.  We also offer a Lard soap and Goatmilk Soap, which offers an incredible lather.  The soap is very moisturizing and cleansing.  Our customers Rave about the results of our ALL our soaps.  Each Bar is 5oz. @ $5.50 each or 4 for $20.00

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Health and Happiness,


Terra Stone Organics,LLC

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