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This statistic is staggering as anxiety can be a debilitating condition that impacts every aspect of a person’s life, it arrives unannounced and can cause panic for minutes to hours in a persons daily and nightly patterns.

While many find a reduction in symptoms with anti-anxiety prescriptions, other search out alternative medicines to work with existing medications or replace these medications and find high success rates.

Unfortunately, Pharmacituical medications have side effects and can cause the recipient a new set of symptoms such as weight gain, excessive fatigue, skin irritations, sleep disruptions, to name a few.

CBD Oil can be part of the solution to ease symptoms. This information is by no mean a replacement of medical help. This is not a medical posting and we are not recommending medical advice. CBD is a plant based solution. This plant is distilled much in the same way lavender oil is created, by steam distillation. the product is not created chemically in a lab.

The recommendations are based on personal and documented experiences.

Anxiety are attacks when the nervous system is overloaded with worry and stress from excessive cortisol and insulin production. Worry, financial issues, health concerns, relationship issues, familial concerns are some of the ongoing issues we face as part of life. When the solutions are not evident or ongoing in development, we worry. It is a natural response to problems unresolved. To much worry will spill over to Fight or Flight anxiety which our central nervous system recognizes as beoming the need to be more alert and ready to flight. This is a serious problem for our state of mind when these attacks occur frequently and unannounced.

There are many ways to deal with the attacks. But a solution to an issue is the first line of defense. The solution may take a longer period of time than is comfortable and a cycle begins again or recurring behavior ensues, and up goes our cortisol.

I know this from personal experience, and we can actually train our bodies and nervous system to expect and anticipate the arrival of an attack. It is almost like our bodies is seeking an attack after chronic anxiety over months and even years occurs.

this will have lasting effects on our system, causing our heart and organs to become stressed, to relieve this is another set of solutions, such as consistent cardio exercise and meditation or yoga are excellent choices for stress relief.