Fredericksburg Organic CSA

Fredericksburg Organic CSA


Our Fredericksburg Organic CSA is quite an amazing group of dedicated farmers and organizers who know that offering the highest standard of fresh, non chemically treated vegetables and products will enhance our health and well being.

Local is what is behind this community. Local means fair wages for our labor, no chemicals, seasonal adaptations, closer observation of the produce and less corporate. Did I mention the health behind local produce?


Close to zero transportation other than the farmers delivering the produce and products to the weekly distribution at Downtown Greens on Charles St.

Why do we want to eat lettuce that has been shipped 2000 miles + on several trucks, in heat, cold and dehydration and insects being transported on the produce.

There is a better way and we need to start Localizing our Food, meat can be bought from local farmers, produce can be bought from local farmers, honey and soap from local beekeepers and artisans. Its all there and all for us, REACH OUT AND JOIN OUR ORGANIC CSA.



  • Members receive 20 weeks of fresh, locally grown, organic produce, with weekly pick-up on Thursdays from 6–7 pm at Downtown Greens.
  • 2019 harvest season runs June 6–October 24
  • TWO share sizes to choose from:

Large share – for 3 to 4-person households 

                    $39.50 per week ($790 total for 20 weeks) 

Small share – for 1 to 2-person households 

                    $22.50 per week ($450 total for 20 weeks) 

2019 FACSAP Prospectus

2019 Spring Vegetable Share Commitment Form

2019 Summer Season Membership Commitment Form

Reserve Your Share of the Harvest!

Memberships sold out quickly last year, so don’t delay in reserving your share of the harvest!

  • Our “Harvest Bar” distribution allows you to fill your bags with produce, typically between 10 to 12 different types of produce, taking advantage of the “take one/leave one” box for anything you might not want.
  • We’re more than just produce! Shares occasionally include such goods as honey, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, MICROGREENS or even handmade soap—all produced with the same organic standards as our produce.
  • Want more produce? Whenever our farmers have a surplus of crops, our members are given the opportunity to purchase in bulk at our distribution site.
  • Be a part of a community…while we’re all about the food, it is our members and our farmers who are the heart of our program! An annual members’ meeting, weekly distribution, occasional potluck dinners, and our social media sites are all ways in which you can connect with and get to know your fellow members as well as the farmers who grow your food!




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