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Your Pet is part of your family, greeting you when you arrive home with excitement and anticipation for your attention. Statistics say that 60% of all households have pets and the #1 choice of pets are dogs, followed by cats. 

This is a fantastic segment market for niche products as  consumer awareness is at an all time high for the best care products for our pets health.

benefits of natural dog shampoo
Hank and Kitty

As a late dog owner, I too am always on the hunt for the best products to bath my dog in as he required multiple baths monthly. The cost of grooming at a salon was cost prohibitive considering how active my dog was, and the products were not really “ natural”.

Researching for pet supplies that were all natural, I was appalled at the ingredients that comprised the lower to higher end cost commercial Dog Shampoos on the market. As an artisan soap formulator, I understand the products and the ingredients that go into the shampoos, lotions and soap.  

Using natural products were simply the standard not the exception for our pets and for the majority of pet owners now.

Not only could I lower the carbon paw-print of our earth, but once I understood that our beloved Hank’s skin was thinner than his human owners, I realized that his skin could absorb the toxic chemicals quicker.

Formulating natural skin soap for my clients skin is not any different from our pet’s products, except we differ in our skin pH levels.

Our Natural Pet Shampoo is a glycerin based soap, clear with the color of oil, no colorant and only natural scents. This is about the most natural line we could find, our own as we are meticulous about our processing and ingredients.

Our pets skin requires a highly moisturizing base of all natural oils to cleanse and treat the follicles with an oil lifting shampoo removing the settled dirt and re introducing a moisturizing soap to soften the dermis from any dry scaling skin. The direct result is less itching and a softer silky fur coat for our pets.

Using essential oils in the ingredients is a benefit as it not only offers a natural and longer lasting scent, is aromatherapy for our pets giving a calming sensation but it repels fleas and ticks.

This is a win-win soap for our pets and for out environment. Commercial dog shampoos can itch and dry out our pet’s skin. It is hard to see the skin due to a thick layer of fur.

Using Terra Stone Organics Natural Pet Shampoo

Your dog’s skin and fur consists of two layers: the dermis and the epidermis.

The epidermis is the outer layer of skin, this is a tough thick skin on the paw pads, hairless and comes in contact with the ground.

The Dermis lies under the epidermis. This contains the hair follicles and pigment cells, where our pets coloring comes from. This is where the oil is secreted from as well. Some pets over secrete while others, generally older dogs slow down on oil secretion causing dry itchy skin. Removing the dead cells and re-introducing moisture to the skin is a healing and soothing experience for your pet.

The fur is a protective layer covering the skin on our pets. Follicles product hair in response to their hormone cycles.

Natural Pet Shampoo & Supplies for a Soothing Bath

Dog shampoo and bathing

Shampoo should be balanced for canine skincare. With a pH balance off, this can cause allergic reactions, dryness and rough skin. The best pH is one closest to a pH of 7.0

The fastest way to bring your pet’s skin into balance is to use Apple Cider Vinegar.

Summer bathing is great outside with a hose and a plastic kiddie pool, winter is best indoors in a tub with a finishing rubdown using towels, never a blow dryer

Terra Stone Organics Natural Pet Shampoo

Our shampoo does not offer toxic chemicals such as petroleum bases or Sodium Lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is added to create bubbles. We use castor oil, honey and coconut oil to create our lather.

SLS is linked to diarrhea and skin irritation in our pets. So why use it and convince ourselves that cheaper is better? If it is a colored pink or blue shampoo, to be sure if offers synthetic colorants and fragrances. Our products are 100% organic and all natural. Our pets will not be exposed to toxic chemicals absorbing into their skin using Terra Stone Organics Natural Pet Shampoo.

The shine and health of our pet’s fur is evident in the final washed product, the fur.

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Moisturize and care for their paws after their bath with our Chamomile Infused Pet Salve. Massage into their paw pads for stronger and healthier pads. We infuse our base olive oil with organic chamomile for 6 weeks and create a delightful salve with organic beeswax. Our salve is in a handy tin for easy storage.

Inbetween baths, spray our Natural Pet Fresh spray with Lavnder, lemongrass and Lime EO for a refreshing and engerizing scent.


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We also offer Soap of the Month Club, Pamper both yourself & your pet.

What arrives with our Soap of the Month Club?

Pamper Yourself

$89.99 per year

13 different bars of our highly moisturizing TSO soaps with natural botanicals and Fairtrade oils

Each bar is a full 5 oz bar of soap arriving at your door monthly for a new experience in spa treatment and skincare. We will send an additional bar equaling 13 bars total for $89.99

Pamper Your Pet

$89.99 per year

Our pet products arrive in a rotation, just in time to refresh your stock. We will send along a gift for ordering and trying our products.

Three Natural Shampoo (2 of each per year)

Chamomile Infused Salve (3 salves)

Natural Pet Fresh Spray (3 sprays)

Free Gift

We can only send to actual street addresses – we cannot ship to PO boxes.

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Terra Stone Organics Team


As an avid organic gardener, I have incorporated my botanicals into a unique and rejuvenating skincare line for skin moisturizing and skin renewal. As gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts know, our skin is sun soaked and seeks rejuvenation. I am an artist and an Interior Decorator by profession and have loved the journey of formulating the soaps and blogging Organic Gardening . I am the moderator of a Garden Group in Fredericksburg with so many wonderful gardeners. I love to hear your feedback!

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